A day of shame With Tania not know what he was doing when this type of e- mail answered with my guide in the swinging scene. It certainly looked dangerous, but then the danger is always catches my eye as I’m more attracted to the bad guys instead of good. We met at a bar after work one night. He was tall and handsome in his suit. He interviewed me, ask me no chance to ask questions. He made me betray my secret desires and while imagefap his face was blank, unreadable. Looking at us, we never would have guessed the content of our conversation does not exist, it is my constant blushing, and lowering his voice. ” You know, of course I have to ask first before you can present to my group of friends, right? ” I nodded. ” Come, I ‘ll ride home. ” helped me with my coat. My heart was pounding. I barely knew this man and yet I was supposed to travel with him. I was totally out of my head? It would not make sense to me, that is to the leftld have the right and then left, but I did not. Part of me wanted to explore the unknown, to push my limits. I was tired of living a life in poor condition. opened the door to Rolls Royce and took my coat. The car was cold and felt a chill in the back as I sat on the leather seat. I searched the seatbelt unusual vintage and leaned forward and closed the band in place. He went silently through traffic until the distance from the center of the city. Then, without warning, he said to get up the skirt so she could see my knees. I was so embarrassed by his request, but complied. “I like your knees,” he said, “raising the upper skirt and put it under your waist. I hesitated and reminded me that if I was willing to play the game, would not be invited to the play area. Then had two options: one was to ask him to stop the car and went to imagefap meet the other I chose the second option His left hand was over my th.. International Court of Justice and the step. He hooked his fingers on the thin fabric of my underwear and pulled it hard, until it was buried between my lips. imagefap The action is in me and it was hard to hide the fact. ” Take it and put it in the back seat,” he said calmly. obeyed again, my mind is completely controlled by their desires. The seat was cool on my bare bottom, but I liked the kind of freedom to travel in this Pantiless luxury car. ” Open your shirt, I want to see your breasts ” he said, the car passes by. I unbuttoned his shirt and showed me my white bra. His hands touched my soft flesh makes my nipples stayed in bra. He lifted my breasts outside their borders and let it hang over the bra, bulging obscenely in the dark interior of the car. ” Nice! ” Said sack and put an end to the mandate. I was surprised. What certainly did not expect my tits flash passing cars ? I tried to change my tits in bra, but he stopped me. ” No, my dog, andou should be proud of your body and never hide their charms. ” Use N felt strange riding in the Rolls with her ass on the leather seat and seat belt cut into the soft flesh of my breasts. I really felt like a real bitch and I wondered what I imagefap would do, if we into account the number of booths, where I lived closer. I was determined to set foot and dressed before coming to familiar ground. This was not his idea. he told me that when we come to my house, he would be my coat to keep me down, but somehow I allowed my shirt button or pull the bra I swallowed and prayed that none of my curtains -. contractions were neighbors of neighborhood watch in the night We have mine! square and true to his word, he went imagefap to the door of the passenger in possession of the jacket to slide me in. I ran to the door, ashamed to look around, my heart was pounding, and opened the door principal. When I was in that was rushed to close the curtains. s sat on the couch and told me that FANCIed with a cold beer. I had to serve with my skirt tucked into my waist and show my tits. Flushing, I met and got what I had to quietly sipping uncertain. ” Play with your tits, girls,” he said hoarsely. I was not sure what he meant and tried to please God with my performance. But he laughed and told me he wanted me to see my breasts, mouth, slap together, pinching my nipples and remove from pan. He said he was satisfied with the pain in the face of a girl when he was examined by the heart and kidneys. He introduced me to juggle with my tits and hips bent my head up as high as possible. Then he told me to do jumps and started hitting my big breasts against my chest and arms. I admit, I have the firmest breasts in the world and with them is so large ( F cup) and gravity is so hostile to women my age, you can imagine the result. I must say that the puppets were very painful. He soon asked me to leave you imagefap breathless and in pain. ” You think it’s painful? They are so blinded by the love of my hands behind the neck. I’ll show you what is painful,” he s that four pins of the pocket and tied it on my areola base nipples. I shuddered and said he was not sure. I was never in pain and seemed dangerous. But he just looked at me and smiled and told me to start my jumps. When I had counted to 20, had tears streaming down my face and I honestly do not know why not ask her to stop, but it was the dazzling obey his orders. opened his pants and pulled out a big cock. I knelt down and put him in the mouth, while keeping the arms behind his back with his left hand and guide my head on your penis with your other hand. I never had a cock so deep, but I felt drawn to stand helpless. I would have drowned, and I still ongoinged to suck. My body was just an empty shell to be used in order to please God. The wine in my mouth imagefap and forced me to swallow. I never swallowed, but he would not let go until I had my hair. Even dried drops that came to my lips, my tongue was. ‘Go clean yourself, brush your hair and makeup again. Then come down naked wearing only black stockings and high heels. ” struggled up the stairs with my sense of weakness in the knees and left him in the living room alone with the way my life – photos imagefap of family and friends, letters which had opened that day, but not left out, my credit card, I heard him talking on the phone while I was busy I go. I could not see what he said. When I’m with him, his eyes searched his approval. I felt a little strange to be naked but embarrassed by the stockings and high heels and a little more of my sagging breasts and big belly. He helped me with my coat and led me to the car. Obviously I had to sit naked in the car. We drove for half an hour or so, and imagefap came to a picnic in the mountains. He parked the car and showed him the inner light. Then he turned to me and I began to love his mouth and fingers. I was so hot right now I do not mind the crowd that had gathered outside the car. He told me to open the door and exit the car just before I was in a position to highlight was. I obeyed, feeling a little trepidated – a little! I’m crazy? I was afraid that the group had lustful men in line and beat his meat. made ​​me hot in the hood and put my body to my head was hanging slightly over the year prior to my car and holes in the side. Then he invited the men to play and explore my pockets, rubbing his thick cock in the face. I hated the idea of strange men to touch me deeply, but I found strange about my situation. I was a bitch, a realWhore naked in the imagefap cold, let me refer to these people disgusting. I wanted so badly to finish instructions on who it was that touched my clit, I almost said, and I began to cum. I arrived and I was crying like a bitch in heat and in the middle of my orgasm was barely aware of the blue light. for an officer there. I’m becoming a bad girl and I think I deserve it locked up. Just one question : I was in a cell with a bunch of sex-starved men and I would like to please The End Note: This is pure imagefap fantasy and is in no way representative treatment for my fantasies true or inclinations, such as Please, just a fun piece of literature – and nothing else. Comments received in the afternoon in the forum.